An ode to Tyndis India Tours

: An alluring story of a bygone era. The story that leads to an illusion of an enchanting
a port called Tyndis - a long-forgotten port that thrived during the golden age of
the historic Spice Route. This ancient port is believed to have been located in the
heart of the Arabian Sea between the legendary Muziris and Naura ports. Ancient
Merchants from the Mediterranean and West Asian countries embarked on a journey
by the sea in huge boat ships to the ports. Reaching the port, they further travelled to
the inlands using smaller boats by land, many miles upstream and then by carts to the
hill stations of Wayanad or Coorg, and then onwards in search of spices, ivory and
precious herbs! The compass of history and heritage points no matter how long it
has been forgotten, to the reminiscence of a legendary past! Tyndis Heritage is
our grand tribute to a bygone but rich period of the time of the Ancient Port - Tyndis!
Tyndis Tours carefully places the enchanting destinations of Kerala along the route.
Travellers can experience the Unique Kerala Tour Packages with Tyndis Tours.

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