Tyndis Cheruvayal Raman’s Farm Tour in Wayanad

The paddy treasures of Wayanad

Rs. 5500 for 2 Pax

Cheruvayal is a serene village situated near Mananthavady in Wayanad. The village is caressed by the Kabani River. Cheruvayal is today famous in the name of Cheruvayal Raman, a farmer from the village. Cheruvayal is not just a beautiful village but is gifted with hardworking farmers and skilled artisans. The village features long stretches of lush green paddy fields.

Detail Description

The walkway in front of the house was made of cow dung-coated mud floors. The floor coated with cow dung and mud has several benefits. Cow dung acts as a natural insect repellent. The anti-bacterial property in it prevents us from many diseases and the floor remains warm in winters and cold in summers. 150-year-old home, a house built in those times when the British were foot marching on our soil. The architecture of the mud house with bronze roofing was quite popular in those times. In the same compound, there was another house (slightly smaller) for his daughter and family. Bang opposite his house was the cowshed and the storehouse for stocking timber to use for firewood. It is here that he stores the seeds too. Over the years, Raman has developed over 50 varieties of paddy. He preserves the seeds in special shelters and gives it to villagers nearby. The seeds are stored in a pine-like structure made of cattle fodder and soil.


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Which is best tour to do in Kottayam?

Tyndis provides various Sightseeing Tours in Kottayam. Kottayam is well-known for its Culture and Heritage. Storytelling Walking Tours are the highlight of Kottayam Tourism. Stories about the rich culture and history will be discussed by expert storytellers. Tyndis Kottayam Tour is ideal Kerala tour for students as well.

What does CMS stands for?

CMS was the Church Mission Society. It has deep roots in Kottayam. CMS is connected with the implementation of CSI or the Church of South India. They also started the first printing press in Kerala known as the CSI Press. The CMS College in Kottayam was also started by the Church Mission Society. Tourists can visit CMS College Kottayam in this Tyndis Kottayam Tour.