Tyndis Malabar Textile Tour

Exclusive Fabric Tour of India

Rs. 2500 for 2 Pax

Tyndis Malabar Textile Tour takes the tourist to experience the Handweaving culture of Malabar. Handloom and weaving have been a part and parcel of the Malabar tradition. In North Kerala, Handlooms are one of the proud traditional industries. There are various handlooms clusters operating as cooperative societies in North Kerala. Tourists can experience the working of the textile industry using their traditional process of handloom weaving. Experienced weavers will share stories about handweaving. This tour is one of the best Textile Tour Packages India. Tyndis Malabar Textile Tour is a quick tour featuring the various types of handweaving. This fabric tour of India explains the process behind setting the loom and threads. Tourists can interact with traditional weavers. These weavers have over 5 decades of experience in traditional handweaving. They are the ambassadors of Handweaving in Malabar. Book this Textile Tour Packages India. Get the best experience of North Kerala’s Handloom Stories!

Detail Description

Expert storytellers will accompany the tourists along this Tyndis Malabar Textile Tour. They will explain tourists about the rich bonding between handlooms and culture of North Kerala. Guests can actively take part in enthusiastic discussions with the storytellers. Storyteller and expert weavers will be more than excited to share their knowledge. Learn about the folklore and traditions regarding every activity and stories of Malabar! The storytellers will also explain the step-by-step process of Handloom and weaving.


  • Tyndis Malabar Textile Tour
  • Basics of Handloom Weaving and its techniques are demonstrated
  • Insight on the origin & propagation of Kerala Handloom from experienced weavers
  • Drinking Water

  • Only the basics of handweaving are explained.
  • It requires rigorous practice and time to attain deep knowledge in handweaving.
  • Handweaving Course is not provided in the package.

  • Respect Nature - Be Tyndis Environment Ambassador
  • Avoid Plastic - Follow the 3-R Mantra for a better world
  • No Loud Talking - Respect your co-travellers privacy
  • Explore the Culture - Just roam around the paths with your Storyteller
  • Smile and get a warm smile back from the people
  • Respect the traditions and customs of the place
  • Take Photos of people with prior permission


Can any kind of clothes be woven using Handlooms?

No, Only traditional handloom clothes can be woven with the best precision using Kerala Handlooms. This Fabric Tour of India covers the traditional weaving centres only.

Can Handweaving be learnt by anybody?

Yes, Handweaving can be learnt by anyone with constant practice. It requires the traditional Handloom and the local varieties of cotton threads for producing best South Indian fabrics like Saree or Dhotis.