Culture Immersion

September 28, 2018

The act of surrounding yourself with the culture of a place. It might mean living with a family and helping out on their farm, or simply sharing a meal with a local. Cultural immersion is a unique experience that can open doors to a deeper understanding of an unfamiliar. Cultural Immersion is the first step towards the idea of Cultural Exchange.

Tyndis Heritage Trails are keen in organizing Village Walk along the routes of Malabar. Village Walks are in our experience, the best way to explore and witness the life of the place you travel to. As the saying goes, “Villages are the places where the soul of the Country lies!”. In Tyndis Trails, guest are taken along the length and breadth of the beautiful villages by amazing storytellers

Activities and Experiences for the best memories of anybody’s travel to a place. Tyndists understand this best and we have worked with utmost passion to design the Experiential Activities like the Tiny Cigar Making, Handloom Experiences, Theyyam Face Painting, Toddy Tapping, Biriyani Making and the activities that prove to be a part of Culture & Tradition of North Kerala – an experience one should never miss out in Malabar

The warm hospitality and hearty smile on the face of the local people are really welcoming. With every Tyndis Heritage Trail on the move, we are proud to be the ambassadors in kindling the immersion of different cultures, different customs & traditions, different ideas and way of life – yes, different but humane!

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