The Emerald Green Backwaters

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Azhithala is an exciting spot in the coastal region of the heritage town of Nileshwar. This spot is a favourite stop for tourists as the spot keeps a delight for the visitors with the spellbinding scenes of the Thejaswini river confluence with the vast Arabian Sea at the Azhimugham or the Sea mouth!

  • Tourists are not allowed to take bath from the beach due to rough tides.
  • Visitors are allowed only from 7 am to 7 pm.
  • Do not jump into the sea from the artificial bund
  • Do no throw plastic bottles or food wastes on the beach or to the sea.

  • Nearest Airport: Calicut Airport (172 k.m)
  • Nearest Major Railway Station: Kanhangad Railway Station
  • Bus and Auto/ Taxi services are available to Azhithala
  • Houseboats also cruise through the backwaters along the village of Azhithala.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English, Hindi
  • Activities like Local Fishing and Toddy Taping can be experienced.

  • Kalaris are sacred places. Footwears are not allowed inside.
  • Plastic and Drugs free zone.
  • Don’t enter the Kalari in full stomach as you will have to do some simple steps.
  • Kalaripayattu can only be learned through rigorous practice over time.
  • You should be in perfect health to start with the Practice.

Do the tourists have to take tickets to visit Azhithala beach?

No, the entry to the beach is totally free.

Is the beach suitable for taking bath?

The waves at the Azhithala beach are rough and hence tourists are prohibited from taking bath in the beach. Coastal police will arrest and punish you in case of violating the laws.

Is public transport available to Azhithala?

Yes, there are bus services from Nileshwar bus stand till 8 p.m. to Azhithala.

Detail Description

The fishermen village of Azhithala is situated about 23 km from the town of Kanhangad and 25 km south of Bekal. The word Azhithala is often considered to have been created by combining the two words ‘Azhi’ and ‘Thala’. Azhi in Malayalam means the Vast Sea and Thala refers to the head. It is clear that the word Azhithala refers to the landscape of the village which acts as the head of the Arabian Sea with the Thejaswini River combining with the sea at the Confluence point.


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I was at Azhithala Beach near Nileshwar, after a sunset cruise in a houseboat through the alluring backwaters in the nearby area. I reached Azhithala after my friend Roshan’s continuous prodding about the beauty of the Azhithala beach and the walkway! He lived in the Thaikadapuram village near to Azhithala and was a local boy there who knew the nook and corner of the village! It was a drive through winding country roads to get here, but once I got to see what the village has kept for me to see, I thanked Roshan with all my heart. I was so glad and excited to be in the wonderful village covered with tall and lush green coconut groves and silvery sand. The river and the sea and sunset made the place so special. The beach was clean and there were not too many vendors to bother you either.


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