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Beypore is an ancient port town and a locality town in Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala, India. Beypore is a sub-port to the world renowned Calicut port. These ports still bear the resemblances to the ancient ports that might have flourished in the regions centuries before. The land for the port was acquired from Beypore Karippa Puthiyakovilakam in the year 1963-64. It is an estuarine port, where Beypore River discharges into the Arabian Sea. Beypore port is one of the oldest ports in Kerala from where trading was done to the Middle East. The region is also world renowned for the making of the legendary Urus or the cargo ships that were used by the Arabs and other ancient traders.

  • Do not enter Uru Making Yards or workshops without taking prior permission.
  • Do not litter the beaches or Uru Making Yards.
  • Photography is restricted and prior consent to be taken in Uru Yards.
  • The Beypore Port here is closed on public holidays.

Beypore is well connected by road and is just 11 km from Kozhikode. Buses ply from Kozhikode to Beypore frequently.

  • Nearest Major Railway Station: Kozhikode Railway Station (10 k.m)
  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport (30 k.m)

  • Pleasant climate and Serene Beach ambience
  • Beypore Uru Making Yards
  • Beach and Harbour walks
  • Old streets of Beypore

What is the best time to visit Beypore?

Beypore is best to visit during the season from September to May.

Is public transportation available to Beypore?

Yes, there are public transport buses that connect Beypore to Kozhikode City.

Does Beypore have accommodation facilities?

Yes, there are luxurious accommodation facilities available in Kozhikode.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English
  • Beypore Uru Making can be experienced at the Uru Making Yards.
  • Local Guides and Story Tellers are available on request at standard prices.

Detail Description

Beypore is one of the oldest trading ports in Malabar region which has rich history of trading with the Middle-East! In the long past, Beypore was ruled by four Kovilakams - Karippa Puthiyakovilakam, Manayat Kovilakam, Nediyaal Kovilakam and Panagad Kovilakam. It is believed that the Beypore Siva Temple protects the whole kingdom. History states that Beypore was visited first by Romans and afterwards by Chinese, Syrians, and Arabs and in recent centuries by Europeans for trade. Beypore was formerly known as Vaypura / Vadaparappanad. Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore, named the town "Sultan Pattanam". Beypore has long history of being a centre for shipbuilding since the first century AD, and it was further expanded under the East India Company during the early nineteenth century. The Indian Ocean trade started from ancient times and strengthened during the medieval times. While in the old days Malabar directly traded with the Greeks and Romans, it concentrated on exchanges with the Middle Eastern ports in the medieval times. This exchange of goods resulted also in transfer of people from their abodes. Beypore was also a stopover for Hajj pilgrims from south East Asia.


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Visit to Beypore seems like a visit to a world that feels like a confluence of a mesmerizing past and a bustling port of the modern day Kozhikode! Beypore is one of the oldest ports on the Malabar Coast. Beypore port is a Sub-port of Kozhikode port and is situated approximately 10 km south of Kozhikode. Beypore is 180 km North of Cochin and 391 km away from Trivandrum. Beypore port is the second biggest port in Kerala after Cochin and currently handles about 100,000 tons of cargo and 7500 passengers per annum.


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