Malik Dinar

The Emerald Green Backwaters

Monuments Pilgrimage Mosque Culture Heritage The Malik Dinar Mosque (Malik Deenar Mosque) situated in the heartland of Kasaragod is a historic mosque which has been built in a typical Kerala architecture. The Mosque is believed to have been founded by Malik Ibn Dinar who is a Taabi’een in Islam Religion credited with the spreading of the religion to the Malabar Religion in the state of Kerala.

  • Photography is restricted inside the Mosque. Prior permission to be taken for Photography. .
  • Remove your footwear before entering the Mosque. .
  • Abide to the rules of the Mosque about the entry of Non-Muslims and women inside the restricted areas of the Mosque. .
  • Silence is to be strictly maintained inside the premises of the Mosque. .
  • Don’t litter the compound of the Mosque. .

  • Traveling to Malik Dinar Mosque is easy as there are many transport facilities available. .
  • The Mosque is about 1 k.m from Kasaragod in the station road. .
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kasaragod Railway Station.
  • Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport.

  • Languages Spokes: Malayalam/ Kannada/ English/ Hindi/ Arabic.
  • Guides are available on request

  • The Kerala style architecture of the grand old Mosque founded by Malik Dinar. .
  • Tomb of Malik Ibn Dinar who is one among the Taabi’eens in Islam. .
  • Major Pilgrim centre for Muslims in India. .
  • Malik Dinar Uroos celebration to commemorate the arrival of Malik Dinar. .
  • Thalankara beach near to the Mosque .
  • Thalankara caps which are traditionally woven using hand by craftsmen. .

Can tourists of any religion enter inside the Mosque?

Tourists can enter inside the premises of the Mosque. But there are restrictions based on the rules of the Mosque with regard to the religious beliefs.

Is photography permitted inside the Mosque?

Photography is restricted inside the Mosque. But with prior permission from the Mosque authorities, tourists are permitted to capture the photographs and videos of the Mosque.

Where can one buy the Thalankara Caps?

Thalankara Caps can be purchased from the local markets and Cap shops that run nearby the Mosque or the Thalankara Market.

Is there timing for visitors?

Visitors are allowed from morning 9:00 A.M till 7:00 P.M in the evening.

Detail Description

Not far from the heritage town of Trikkarippur lies the village of Valiyaparamba and the lifeline of the village – the Valiyaparamba backwaters. This particular place is a pearl in the land of North Kerala.


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The roads through the inlands of North Kerala along the routes of Trikkarippur takes you to the island with numerous treasure – The island of Valiyaparamba! The sight of boats cruising along the streams of the rich backwaters makes for memorable scenes. Being here, one can spend time appreciating the serenity of the place, since it's quite untouched by commercialisation that one sees in other tourist places.


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