Sargaalaya Crafts Village

The Crafts Village of Malabar

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The word Sargaalaya means the house of Craftsmanship! The craft village is a cluster of skilled artisans from the region – a group that makes majestic craft pieces and another group that performs the traditional art forms. Visitors to the Crafts village are encouraged to interact and learn from these talented artisans. There are 27 cottages in the craft villages where more than 60 varieties of crafts are made by hand. With the rare combination of art and tourism, the village paves a platform for the development of traditional artisans. The whole traditional industry of Arts and Handicrafts is getting boosted with ample opportunity for sale of their products and they are given brand protection as well. The large number of art lovers and tourists can witness live display of craftsmanship. Sargaalaya conducts a two-week Annual Arts and Crafts Festival during last week of December every year.

  • Don’t trespass into the restricted areas of the village
  • Plastic and Drugs free zone.
  • Don’t enter the workplace without prior permission.
  • The designs are not to be copied and re-used.

Sargaalaya is well connected by road and is just 45 km from Kozhikode. Buses ply from Kozhikode to Vatakara frequently.

  • Nearest Major Railway Station: Kozhikode Railway Station (45 k.m)
  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport (30 k.m)

  • Interaction with Expert Craftsmen
  • Crafts Village Stalls
  • Boating and Village Walks

Does Sargaalaya only showcase handicrafts?

No, the crafts village is group of artisans who are skilled craftsmen and artists who perform traditional art forms. Both handicrafts and performances are available in the village.

Is entry to Sargaalaya free?

No, the crafts village have entry tickets.

Can visitors purchase handicrafts from the village?

Yes, handicrafts made by over 60 artisans are kept for display and sale.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English
  • Local Guides and Story Tellers are available on request at standard prices.

Detail Description

Sargaalaya is a unique tourist destination, a soothing experience for every visitor. Sargaalaya Kerala Arts and Crafts village is an initiative of Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala. It was established at Iringal, Kozhikode district and inaugurated on February 19, 2011 as a part of responsible tourism project in 20 acres of land on the banks of Moorad River, close to National Highway in Iringal, Kozhikode. Started as a venture for the development of Traditional Arts and Crafts of India, with specific focus on Kerala, this has become one of the major tourist attractions of Kerala.


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Sargaalaya is a place that bring together both culture and creativity! The crafts village is keen in promoting the heritage and tradition of North Kerala together with approaching it with an angle of responsible yet commercial tourism! Sargaalaya, the Kerala Arts and Crafts village at Iringal in Kerala is an initiative of the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. It is an exclusive place where you can not only pick a product fashioned by the traditional artisans of Kerala but also learn one or two lessons in the subtleties of crafts-making.


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