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Thabore is a beautiful hill top village in Kannur. Thabore is often referred to as the Munnar of Kannur as it resembles to Munnar a lot in the landscape and the Agriculture. Thabore is majorly inhabited by Christian families that migrated to the place from Kottayam and elsewhere in the past for Agriculture and related activities. Over the years, tourists from the neighbouring towns of Payyanur and Kannur have visited and the fame of Thabore as a tourist destination is rising fast.

  • Thabore is an undeveloped village and the villagers are not modernised. Don’t interfere into their lives or take photographs without consent.
  • Do not enter plantations or estates without taking prior permission
  • Travel on bikes or private vehicles with your fuel tanks filled. You may not be lucky enough to find petrol bunks as frequent as in towns.
  • The roads are tricky and the climate cold. Equip yourself with good quality jackets.

    Thabore is 60 km from Kannur and 40 km from Payyanur. Buses ply from Kannur via Alakode and Payyanur via Cherupuzha are available.

  • Nearest Major Railway Station: Kannur Railway Station
  • Nearest Railway Station: Payyanur Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport

  • Cool climate and hill station ambience
  • Kottathalachi Mala tagged as the Malayattoor of North Kerala
  • Estate Plantation Walks

What is the best time to visit Thabore?

Thabore is best to visit during the season from September to May.

Is public transportation available to Thabore?

Yes, there are public transport buses that connect Thabore to Payyanur Town.

Does Thabore have accommodation facilities?

Yes, there few homestays in Thabore that offer great food and hospitality.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English
  • Plantation Trails can be experienced in Private Estate Plantations
  • Local Guides and Jeep Safaris are available on request at standard prices.

Detail Description

Thabore is a hill top village in Kannur that comes under the Udayagiri and Cherupuzha Village Panchayath. The village is a close resemblance of the hill stations of Munnar and Wayanad acclaimed for tourism and rejuvenation. In recent days, as the traders and other folks visiting to Thabore kept spreading words about the village, tourists started flowing in to witness the village.Now, tourists from far places visit Thabore to have a glimpse of the scenic beauty of the hill station.

A statue of Jesus Christ has been recently installed on the hilltop which attracts a large number of tourists. Nearby places include Udayagiri, Thirumeni, Chathamangalam (Kannur) and Kozhichal are also beautiful hill top villages that are engaged in Agriculture. It is also a popular place for hill drivers. The altitude is about 2,000 m above sea level. Temperature ranges from a minimum of 10⁰C to a maximum of 28⁰C. Warm clothes and rain gear is recommended in monsoon and winter seasons. Thabore and nearby villages area exports hill products: rubber, dry copra, pepper, arecanut, etc. to industries in the northern part of India. It is a place where a huge number of people migrated during the 1940s and '50s from the Travancore area due to famine.


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It is impossible for someone living in the very district of Kannur to imagine about a hill top village like Thabore to have existed in their place until they finally make a visit! Same happened with me. I have seen transport buses that bear the destination board – ‘Thabore’. The name always attracted me and little did I know that Thabore was not unique in its name, but rather in its landscapes!

The land experienced a huge migrations from the southern part of Kerala which was the then Travancore during the large famine after the World War II.


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