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Thaikadappuram is a village connected with cluster of fishermen villages along the Malabar Coast together with the Azhithala and similar villages. Thaikkadappuram is houses a small fishing harbour and a white sandy beach with serene environment. Thaikadappuram is close to the estuary or the Azhimugham in Azhithala village.

  • Do not throw plastics and food wastes on the beach or sea.
  • Tourists are prohibited from harming the Turtles.
  • Photography is restricted in the Neythal Breeding centre.

  • Azure waters, plenty of fresh air, broad beach’
  • Neythal – Wild Turtle Protection Committee
  • Breeding of Olive Ridley Turtles
  • Fishing and Farming Activities
  • Sunbath and Beach Sports

  • Nearest Major Railway Station: Kanhangad Railway Station, 20 k.m
  • Nearest Railway Station: Nileshwaram, about 6 k.m away
  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport, about 172 k.m

  • Kalaris are sacred places. Footwears are not allowed inside.
  • Plastic and Drugs free zone.
  • Don’t enter the Kalari in full stomach as you will have to do some simple steps.
  • Kalaripayattu can only be learned through rigorous practice over time.
  • You should be in perfect health to start with the Practice.

When is the ideal time to visit Thaikadappuram?

Thaikadappuram can be visited during any time of the year. But the ideal time is from September to January.

When can one witness the Olive Ridley Turtles in Thaikadappuram?

The Turtles come to lay eggs in the Indian Monsoon season.

What is the entry and exit time in the beach?

The beach is open 24X7.

Is the beach suitable for taking bath?

Yes, the beach is suitable for taking bath.

Detail Description

Thaikadappuram is a small town in Nileshwaram municipality in Kasaragod district, in Kerala India. The village is a small but very beautiful place snuggled between the gorgeous Arabian Sea and Thejaswini River. The confluence point of the sea and the river is situated here forming a scintillating beach called as Thaikadappuram Beach.


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I have been to the virgin sandy beach of Thaikadappuram many times as Nileshwar happens to be my hometown. But each new visit to this alluring beach, the sea, the silvery sands and the sunset together acts like a divine enchantress and creates an ecstasy in my mind that keeps me dragging to the beach again, visit after visit! But this time, the visit had much more than the usual rejuvenation that I experienced. This year, the visit also included my long cherished meeting with Mr Praveen, an environmentalist and a school teacher in Thaikadappuram. He is an active member of Neythal, the NGO that responsibly does the breeding and caretaking of the Wild Turtles that visit the shores of Thaikadappuram and lay eggs. Mr Praveen or ‘Praveen Mashu’ as we called him (Mashu means Master or Sir in Malayalam) explained me about the behaviour and characteristics of the Turtles. He mentioned about how the changing climate behaviours and Ocean pollutions have severely endangered and caused harm to the existence of the Aquatic life. Our meeting cautioned me about the much needed preservation of the Ocean’s aquatic life to keep the life on the shores intact!


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