The Emerald Green Backwaters

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The Thottada is a serene village situated on the coastal belt of Kannur. Thottada is located around 8 k.m away from the Kannur main town on the way to Thalassery along the highway. The main attraction of Thottada is its amazing collection beaches. Thottada has 3 major beaches under its belt. Though the Thottada Beach is the most famous, the other 2 beaches namely the Ezhara and Kizhunna beaches are also equally beautiful.

  • Beach can get rough during certain time of the year. Bathing is not allowed during these time.
  • Don’t litter the beach with plastic or garbage
  • Don’t indulge on activities that are dangerous and unsafe in the beach or the sea. The sea may have different behaviours from that in your native region.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Kannur Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport

  • Serene Beaches
  • Relaxing stay at Beach Houses
  • Street Shopping in Kannur
  • Beach Sports and Village Walks

Are the beaches suitable for taking bath?

Yes, the beaches are clean and suitable for bathing.

Can the beaches be used for water sports and beach volley?

Yes, the tourists can use the beach for sports activities.

Does the sea get rough?

The sea gets rough during certain times of the year. During these times, the bathing and sports are prohibited on the beach.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English
  • Local Guides available on request.
  • Amazing Beach Houses available for accommodation

Detail Description

Thottada is a casket of beautiful beaches lying on the attractive coastal belt of Malabar in Kannur. The beach belts include of the Thottada, Ezhara and Kizhunna beaches. All the three beaches are serene and beautiful and have immense impact on the tourists visiting them. The beaches and their uniqueness have created an influx of numerous inbound tourists to the place which has resulted in founding of various beach houses and resorts in the place. Tourists can opt for relaxed stay in the beach houses or resorts offering great hospitality and delicious North Kerala cuisines. They also arrange for traditional Ayurvedic massage and Spa.


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Running past the busy lives of the modern day city of Kannur, Thottada and its wonderful beaches are one of the best weekend escapes for an urban dweller of Kannur! Thottada is a scenic village that caters for the traditional activities like Beedi Making and Agriculture to this date. Not far from the mainland of the village lies the Thottada beach which is an ideal place for a sunbathing and swimming. There are various beach houses and resorts along the belt of the beach offering accommodation at reasonable price.


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