The Emerald Green Backwaters

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Valiyaparamba is serene stretch of backwaters located near the village of Bekal. A tour to this beautiful backwater destination counts as one of the best holiday in Kerala to the calmness and tranquillity of North Kerala. The small island of Valiyaparamba is a favourite spot for tourists travelling in search of a retreat to the lap of nature. Lush green groves of coconut and emerald green backwaters make your tour to Valiyaparamba a perfect retreat. The name of Valiyaparamba is considered to have originated from the term Valiyavaramba (meaning “the Big Border”).

  • Valiyaparamba is a plastic free, eco-friendly zone
  • Avoid using alcohol and drugs in the place
  • Trespassing is restricted
  • Don’t hurt or disturb the normal life of people and animals.
  • Don’t jump into the water without guidance.

  • Valiyaparamba is located near Bekal, close to Kasaragod Town.
  • Nearest Major Railway Station – Kanhangad Railway Station 45 km away
  • Nearest Airport – Mangalore Airport

  • Backwater Cruise through the Kavvayi-Valiyaparamba backwaters
  • The cool breeze, coconut lagoons, variety of sea birds, village activities
  • Valiyaparamba Beach Life
  • Fishermen villages and the daily life in the villages
  • Local Delicacies of Sea food.
  • Houseboat or the traditional Kettuvallam Cruise

Is houseboat service available in the Valiyaparamba backwaters?

Yes, there are various houseboat services starting from the Kottapuram village.

How long will the entire backwater cruise take?

Trekking to the longest destination of the backwaters from the entry point and returning will take 5-6 hours on an average.

What is Entrance Fees? Is there separate fees for Photography?

The houseboats and service boats have altering rates according to seasonality. There is not separate fees for Photography.

Is accommodation available near Valiyaparamba?

Yes, there are base and premium category accommodations available. Also, few private homestay and cottages are also available in the area at cheap rates.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, Hindi, English
  • Local Tour Guides are available (Contact DTPC Kasaragod)
  • The period between November and February is the best time to visit Valiyaparamba Backwaters though tourism is active throughout the year.

Detail Description

Not far from the heritage town of Trikkarippur lies the village of Valiyaparamba and the lifeline of the village – the Valiyaparamba backwaters. This particular place is a pearl in the land of North Kerala.

Located about 30 km from Bekal, the backwaters are pristine and much less commercialised with regards to the other popular backwaters in the state of Kerala. This elegant stream of backwaters is a treasure trove that is a must visit destination in your North Kerala tourist map! A traveller can explore the cross section of the village, cruising through the channel between through a houseboat cruise or take the ferry ride which is a very cost effective option. The Valiyaparamba Beach can be reached through using the cruise on the backwaters. The beach is place worth seeing even though it is not as clean and serene as the nearby Thaikadappuram or Azhithala beaches! Valiyaparamba beach is parallel to the backwaters. At the not so explored and non-commercial beach, one can spend time without any disturbance from local vendors or crowd of tourists! The beach is covered with coconut groves providing shade even during the noon when the sun is right above your head!


Location Map


The roads through the inlands of North Kerala along the routes of Trikkarippur takes you to the island with numerous treasure – The island of Valiyaparamba!

The sight of boats cruising along the streams of the rich backwaters makes for memorable scenes. Being here, one can spend time appreciating the serenity of the place, since it's quite untouched by commercialisation that one sees in other tourist places.


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