The Emerald Green Backwaters

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The Edayilakkadu Island is a land of rich flora and fauna situated on the banks of the Kavvayi-Valiyaparamba backwaters. It is a marshy island and comes under the map of the Valiyaparamba Panchayath. The island is placed along the backwaters making it an isolated arm of the Arabian Sea.

The land catering to special biodiversity including endangered and rare species attract not only tourists but world renowned ecologists and nature lovers to this region.

  • The Monkeys shouldn’t be fed with unlikely foods and other materials.
  • Monkeys and other flora and fauna of the island shouldn’t be destructed.
  • Island is plastic free zone and tourists must not pollute the island with plastic bags or bottles.

  • Edayilakkad can be reached easily by road from the town of Payyanur via Trikkarippur.
  • Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport (110 k.m)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Payyanur Railway Station

  • Edayilakkad Monkey Island and Sacred Groves
  • Abundant Biodiversity including endangered flora and fauna
  • Mussel and fish cultivation
  • Houseboat Cruise

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English
  • Fishing and similar activities can be experienced with local guidance.

Can the Monkeys be fed with food by outsiders? Are they attacking in nature?

Tourists are allowed to feed the Monkeys in the Island. The Monkeys are friendly with the visitors as it is used with the human inhabitation in the island.

Is photography permitted in the Monkey Island?

Yes, tourists can take photographs.

Is any guide facility available to describe about the flora and fauna of the island?

Yes, on request guides are available from the localities who have deep knowledge about the biodiversity of the island.

Is the Island accessible by road?

Yes, recently a manmade bund have been created connecting the island with the mainland.

Detail Description

Edayilakkad is a forest like marshy land formed in the shape of an isolated arm like island in the rich backwaters of Kavvayi-Valiyaparamba channel. The island is globally noted for its biodiversity and local conservation efforts. The island is three to four meters above sea level on average. Onto the eastern side the marshy island lies the mainland of Nileshwar and elsewhere of the North Kerala.


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The journey to Edayilakkad, a land not much accessed by the highly civilised generation dwelling in the urban hood of the world turned out an eye opener for me! This small island, where the people are just above average educated in academic terms are far better educated in conservation of nature than most of the modern beings are! Never, not even in my dreams did I have a picture so beautiful about the Monkey Island, whose stories I have only heard from my father.


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