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The Ezhimala-Payyanur circuit is a collection of endless stories and folklores! Payyanur is a town in the heartland of the district of Kannur with the fine blend of fantasy and heritage making its land rich in the history of Malabar. The town is situated on the banks of Perumba River. It’s one of extant ancient civilized places in Kerala. Ezhimala is a gorgeous village comprising the Ezhimala hill range. The village is regarded as the former capital of the ancient Mushika Kingdom, and is considered to be an important historical site. A flourishing seaport and centre of trade around the beginning of the Common Era, it was also one of the major battlefields of the Chola-Chera Wars, in the 11th century. It is believed by some that Lord Buddha had visited Ezhimala.

  • Photography and videography are prohibited at specific areas in Ezhimala due to the presence of the Indian Naval Academy in the region.
  • Prior permission is required if you wish to visit the Indian Naval Academy.
  • Don’t litter the destinations with plastic or garbage

  • Nearest railway station: Payyanur Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport
  • Ezhimala can be reached via Ramanthali which is near to Payyanur Town.

  • Ezhimala Naval Academy
  • Historic hillocks of Ezhimala
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Historic town of Payyanur
  • Payyanur Temple

Can a visitor enter the Ezhimala Naval Academy on arrival?

No, the Academy allows visitor only with prior permission.

Is photography allowed inside the Academy?

No, Photography and Videography is prohibited inside the academy due to security reasons.

Is public transportation available in Ezhimala- Payyanur circuit?

Yes, the circuit is well connected with public transportation, taxis and rickshaws.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English
  • Local Guides available on request.

Detail Description

There was no better tagline for Kerala than ‘God's own country’. And it’s the natural beauty of Ezhimala and the Folklores of Payyanur that makes one think that the Ezhimala-Payyanur Circuit is the best suiting stretch for the tagline in North Kerala. The beautiful hillock of Ezhimala and the pristine beach nearby appeals to both mountain enthusiasts as well as beach lovers. The tourist spot also has a few carved stone structures, and the herbs found in this location are famous for their unusual medicinal properties. Regarded as the once capital of the Mushika Kingdom, Ezhimala was also a flourishing seaport and centre of trade at least by the start of the Common Era. The word ‘Ezhimala’ is also considered as the amalgamation of the words 'Ezhu' and 'Mala', which mean seven and peaks respectively. According to Hindu Mythology, the seven peaks are believed to have been dropped here by Lord Hanuman while he carried the Sanjeevani herb to Lord Lakshman.

The town of Payyanur, situated around 40 k.m north of Kannur is home for the world famous 'Payyanur Pavitra' ring. The grand old Sree Subramanian Swami Temple in Payyanur holds the very root story that connects to the name of the Place. Astrology, Payyanur Kolkali, Ancient Kalari, Old Temples and Sacred Groves, Khadi and Handlooms, Bronze Statue Making etc. are all part and parcel of the town. The spot where Mahatma Gandhi visited during the Satyagraha is also famous.


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I didn’t know I was setting foot into history as I got down my train at Payyanur Railway Station. A land filled with stories so vivid in the air that you breathe, eat and sleep with those wonderful tales in your heart! I travelled the length and breadth of Payyanur and Ezhimala with slowest possible pace, experiencing the soul of the town and the nearby villages.

It was the season of Theyyam, the divine dance of the North Kerala. I witnessed the godly incarnation in the Sacred Groves and Ancient Temples dancing day and night with a divine vibe and showering blessings to the crowd of devotees who came together and assembled to converse with their gods and have their souls purified for a fresh start. The life in these villages had the much necessary innocence one needs in life to enjoy it to the fullest. Even while they have the richest of the rich history and indivisible connection to the Mythology, and amazing skills in crafts like the making of the world renowned Pavitra Rings, Bronze Lamps and Statues, Handloom etc.


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