Tyndis Kerala Village Experience in Nileshwar

Experience life at the Fishermen Village

Rs. 3500

Check-out the best Kerala Village Experience in Nileshwar. Get ready for the best of Kasaragod Tourism. Tyndis Tours take you through the coconut islands of Nileshwar. This Half-day village tourism in Kerala has a 3-hour duration. Fishermen Villages are a highlight of Kasaragod Tourism. This particular village is located in the coastal belt of Nileshwar.

While one the island, tourists move along the seaside landscapes. One can almost experience the very essence of village life. Another exciting factor is the hands-on experience of various village activities.

Another highlight of this village tourism in Kerala is its cultural vibrancy. Get to talk with the people. Furthermore, learn about their way of life. Probably, this will be the best part of cultural immersion.

Detail Description

Exclusive Kerala Village Experience in Nileshwar by Tyndis Tours. In this Kasaragod Tourism experience, guests can explore the paradise of coastal Kasaragod. Nature has probably put all its craft to make the land of North Kerala beautiful.

Above all, Tyndis Kerala Village Experience in Nileshwar interacts tourists with the villagers. Further, experience activities like toddy tapping, local fishing, coir making, handweaving, etc. Never miss out because this experience of village tourism in Kerala is priceless! Visit the biodiversity treasure and medicinal garden. Say Hi to the local toddy tapper with a rare hobby!


  • Kerala Village Experience in Nileshwar
  • 3 hours Village Walking Tour
  • Storyteller Service
  • Tender Coconut
  • Entrance Fees

  • Additional Sightseeing Tour
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food and Beverages
  • Tipping and Shopping
  • Any other expense

  • Tourists should stick to the rules and regulations of the village
  • Don't litter the places
  • Plastic Bottles are restricted
  • Don't pluck medicine plants without permission
  • Take Photos of Villagers with permission


Which are the major Kasaragod tourist places?

Nileshwar, Bekal Fort, Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Ranipuram, Ancient Temple Routes, Malik Dinar Mosque, etc. are the major tourist attractions in Kasaragod.

Can I take Photographs this Tyndis Village Tour in Kasaragod?

Yes, photography is allowed. But be polite to ask the villagers before shooting their livelihood.