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Mahe is a union territory that lies in the Malabar Region amidst the towns of Thalassery and Vatakara. Though a union territory by administration, Mahe and its people bear the roots to the land of Kannur. The term Mahe has been derived from the name of the River Mayyazhi that flows by the town. It was the French that renamed Mayyazhi to Mahe. There is also a major argument that the name of the town was given in honour of Bertrand François Mahé de La Bourbonnais. After the French left, Mahé became a Sub-Division of Puducherry Union Territory.

  • Photography and videography are restricted at specific areas of the Mahe Church
  • Don’t litter the destinations with plastic or garbage
  • The administration of Mahe is different from Kerala Government. Certain rules are also different.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Thalassery Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport

  • French Heritage and Reminiscence of Colonial Period
  • Mahe Harbour
  • Grand Old Mahe Church
  • Mahe Walkway

Does Mahe have accommodations facilities?

Yes, Mahe houses a few quality lodging facilities in the town.

Is photography allowed inside the St. Teresa’s Church?

Yes, Photography and Videography is allowed inside the Church.

Is public transportation available in Mahe?

Yes, the circuit is well connected with public transportation, taxis and rickshaws.

  • Languages Spoken: Malayalam, English, Tamil, French
  • Local Guides available on request.

Detail Description

Mahe is a small beach town rich with the stories of being a French colony in the past. The town is located on the banks of the Mayyazhi River. Mahe is a land that has its soul so connected to Kerala even though it forms a part of the union territory of Pondicherry. Mahe has a beautiful landscape surrounded by river and serene beach. The town is referred to as the eye brow of Arabian Sea.

Mahe was a part of French India and had several monuments pertaining to the same. With its charming blue sky, emerald greenery, golden sands and cotton clouds, Mahe is the perfect example of the region's unadulterated natural beauty.

Mahe holds to the culture and geography of the typical coastal land in the Malabar Coast. Most of the parts of Mahe resembles Thalassery except the reminiscence of the once French Colony. The town still has a lot of the buildings and streets setup by the French during their time in Mahe. As the town is connected with the Tamil speaking Pondicherry, Mahe has a good number of Tamil speaking population than the native Malayalam speaking people.


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Mahe has always had the fame for best quality wine in my mind. But on actual visit, Mahe opened up to hold lot more than wine and alcohol! Mahe is a casket that holds the perfect blend of two unique cultures, one of North Kerala and another brought by the French invasion!

Being one among the Union Territories of India gives Mahe a unique dimension even in the present day while comparing to the life in the rest of Malabar. The small town of Mahe is surrounded by the land of Kerala on three sides and thus, sees a lot of influence from that state in its language and cuisine. Mahe is also a gateway to the Arabian Sea. Mahe was under the French rule till 1954 and the remnants of French culture can be seen amongst some of the populace and the architecture. One of the most fascinating things about Mahe is its long and meticulous history, which can be traced back to French India. Many distinctive architectures here illustrate French influence, with one of them being an imposing statue of the Marianne which is a mark of the French Revolution. The Government House where the administration of Mahe is located has beautiful French architecture as well.


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