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Nileshwaram often called as Nileshwar is not just a single point destination. It is a complex of places, activities and experiences that together constitute to the idea of Nileshwar! Tourists and Historians refer the town as the ‘Paithrika Nagari’ or the cultural capital of North Malabar because of the rich concentration of music, dance, craftsmanship and temple festivals in this little, but a town with rich heritage.

  • Avoid using alcohol and drugs in the sacred places like the Sacred Groves.
  • Trespassing is restricted in Palaces and other private heritage properties.
  • Don’t take photographs of the photography restricted areas.

  • Nileshwaram is accessible by train and bus from anywhere in Kerala.
  • The nearest railway station is Nileshwar Railway Station just 1 km from the Nileshwar Town.
  • Nearest major Railway Station is Kanhangad Railway Station at 10 k.m.
  • Buses are also available from Kasaragod and Kannur. The nearest airport is at Mangalore.

  • Local Tour Guides are available (Contact DTPC Kasaragod) .
  • Craftsmanship classes are available for interested tourists.
  • Auto-rickshaws charge ₹20 per km and buses charge only ₹8 for three km. Air-conditioned jeeps are available for ₹1,500 per day. Walking is pleasant in the evenings. Keep away from busy roads because noisy motorcycles can pester you 24 hours a day.
  • It is advised to visit the place during October to May. Though the place can be visited throughout the year, the monsoon can spoil some fun during June to August.

Is accommodation available at Nileshwaram?

Yes, Nileshwaram has accommodations at both base and premium categories.

How many days are ideal for a trip to Nileshwaram?

Nileshwaram is a Heritage town which has a lot to experience than to merely see. A 3 days trip is suggested on an average to visit and experience the place.

Is Nileshwaram Kovilakam open for tourist?

The successors of the Rajas still reside in the palace. Prior permission has to be taken before visiting the palace for photography and other purposes.

Is there any Entrance Fees in the Palace? Is there separate fees for Photography?

No, there is no Entry Fees or Fees for Photography.

Detail Description

Nileshwaram is a quaint town, rich in heritage and culture. The town has a significant place in the history of both independent and pre-independent Kerala. About 40 k.m south of the Kasaragod headquarters, the once cultural centre of North Malabar still stands with all the proud and pomp! Nileshwar was the home to the renowned Nileshwar Rajas who are regarded to have migrated from the princely state of Kozhikode long back. The Nileshwaram Rajas resided in the Nileshwaram Kovilakam which stands as the iconic monument of the town to this date! Nileshwaram Kovilakam is a must visit place for the tourists visiting the town. The Kovilakam or the Palace is situated about 1 k.m away from the famous Thaliyil Shiva Temple in Nileshwar town.


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Having read and heard about the Cultural Extravaganza of Nileshwar, I was much excited to get down from the bus as it just entered the bus station in Nileshwar town. As soon as the vehicle parked, I jumped out of it with my travel bag! To my surprise, even the bus station had the touch of a bygone era, of a heritage town! In the evening light, as the finest rays of the sun fell on the structures of the buildings near the station, I could feel the lines of every article that had narrated the beauty of this little town to me.


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