Looking for a Theyyam Photography Tour?

There could be very few things when it comes to Kerala photography tours that will make a photographer as ecstatic as photographing Theyyam! Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour is a perfect Travel Photography Tour for somebody really in search for Kerala Photography Tours! Tyndis Theyyam Photography is all about capturing the magical moments, clicking out-of-world frames and exploring the divine trance of Theyyams of North Kerala. This is why, of all Kerala Photography Tours, Tyndis Theyyam Photo Tour remains distinguished.

In North Kerala, one can easily come across Theyyam dance. Theyyam, derivation of the word ‘Deivam‘ is referred to as the mystical dance of gods. Theyyam, in simpler terms, can be seen as a ritual art form performed in the sacred groves and temple shrines of North Kerala based on the Theyyam Calendar. The Theyyam Calendar is a detailed calendar, referring to the Malayalam months, according to which the dates for the Theyyam festivals are fixed. Hence, Theyyam Calendar is of utmost importance for anybody looking for a Theyyam Photography Tour in North Kerala. Festivals of Theyyams of North Kerala are unique to the place.


The Trance of Theyyam Dance

In the setting of the night – amidst a packed crowd, geared with burning torches, shiny enticing red costumes and headgears arrives the Theyyam artist. A divine trance enters from nowhere when the Theyyam artist turns into a human god – dancing with great energy and vibrance. Theyyam is purely a trance, where man becomes a god – right in front of your eyes! The background music of the drums called ‘Chenda’ add to the trance effect. The athletic performance of Theyyam artist and the music just creates the perfect equation for an enchanting ambience.


What’s in Theyyam for a Photographer?

Theyyam is an extremely attractive art form with great scopes for a photographer! It places unique and exciting challenges and opportunities for somebody interested in photography. Theyyams like Kandanar Kelan, Gulikan, Kathivanoor Veeran, Kandakarnan, Theechamundi, Rakthachamundi, etc. are a few Theyyams that will require some great photography skills to capture their enchanting performance into brilliant frames! Once you have experienced this Theyyam Photography Tour, without a doubt, you shall agree that Theyyam is one of the best visual treats to be photographed!

Theyyam is a subject so complex and extremely vast to explore. There are more than 434+ forms of Theyyam in Malabar. Kannur and Kasaragod – two smalls districts in Kerala in South India are the core place of Theyyam. Theyyam is also seen in a few parts of Calicut and Wayanad as well. These places were the region that belonged to the bygone province of ‘Kolathunadu‘. To see the 400+ Theyyams in a single year is a task next to impossible for a person. Hence Tyndis Theyyam Photography specialists curate special and rare Theyyams for the Theyyam Photo Tour. Theyyam Photography Tour curations are done based on the tags like ‘Top Theyyams’, ‘Popular Theyyams‘, ‘Most Beautiful Theyyams to capture’, ‘Rares Theyyams’, ‘Rarest Theyyam Festivals’, ‘Most Photogenic Theyyam’, ‘Most Furious Theyyam’, ‘Theyyams that do fire dance’, etc.


Day & Night Theyyams – A Photography Treat!

There are two categories of Theyyam considering photography – Day-time Theyyam Dance and Night-time Theyyam Festivals. Theyyam Dance performed in the night have a different vibrancy level. It just astonishes the viewer with energy and colour. Day time dance has different energy compared to the vibrant night dance. Night dance is filled with stunning scenes of fire dance. This is a perfect time for Theyyam Photography. The day-time rituals are calmer & ritually loaded. Be it day or night, Theyyam is a perfect treat for any photographer! Mostly, Theyyam Photographers focus to capture the night Theyyams dancing with fire or jumping into huge pyres. Theyyam is one of the most perfect avenues for night photography. There will be many instances to click amazing shots of the vibrant fire dance of Theyyams like Kandanar Kelan, Kandakarnan, Puthiya Bhagavathi, Theechamundi, etc. in the night.

Photographers also prefer to capture the bright red attire and facial painting of Theyyams that perform in the day-time. Interestingly, among the 434+ Theyyams, most of them have different costumes, headgears, ornaments, facial painting and detailing etc. The different types of Theyyams are indeed classified with a set of appearance based on the painting or decoration of their face and the costumes. A photographer should never miss out the Theyyam Face Painting a.k.a “Mukhathezhuthu“. Mukhathezhuthu is art connected with Theyyam which determines the beauty of the Theyyam being performed. Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour arranges for detailed Theyyam Face Painting session. The painting or decorative art is done on the face of the Theyyam artist. It usually takes up to 2-3 hours for the traditional face painting, sticking to strict rules and regulations of Theyyam ritual. In the face painting, the makeup used is natural herbal colours mixed with coconut oil for fluidity. The usual products used are saffron powder, rice powder, quick lime, turmeric etc. Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour has a session dedicated for Theyyam Face Painting. Our storyteller will explain about the stories connected with each aspect of Theyyam in this session. Photographers participating in Tyndis Theyyam Photo Tour not only gets to capture the Theyyam Face Painting but also have special chance to interact with the Theyyam artists, Theyyam chieftain, Temple priests, etc. These interactions will allow learning about the history and myths connected with Theyyam. The stories could be in general as well as a particular deity or temple where the Theyyam festival is organized for the night.


What makes this Theyyam Photography Tour “UNIQUE“?

Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour is curated and fulfilled completely by Tyndis Heritage, an experiential travel company based in Kannur – ‘the land of Theyyam’. We are more than just a travel company – our aim is to showcase the cultural and heritage extravaganza of North Kerala, like the Theyyam, for the world to come and see. Our team is a bunch of young and passionate Travellers, Historophiles, Theyyam buffs, Photographers, etc. hailing from different parts of North Kerala. Because of our strong local presence, Tyndis is able to provide a local touch for every Theyyam Tour. Tyndis guarantees our photographers special arrangements and opportunity to experience Theyyam the best possible way. Our storytellers are people from various walks of life, who are keen and highly informative about Theyyam. This ensures an authentic experience of Theyyam.

When to BOOK the Theyyam Photography Tour?

Theyyam season in Kerala falls between the month of late October to early June. Every year many photographers – beginners, amateurs and professional flock into Theyyam festivals in Kannur or Kasaragod – just for photographing Theyyams! Tyndis conducts professionally arranged and curated Theyyam Photography Tour packages every year, with sections of Kerala Photography Workshop, Kannur Photography Tour with Theyyam Photography, Theyyam Documentary Photography, Advanced Theyyam Photography and Theyyam Videography Tours, etc. Tyndis Theyyam Photo Tours offers a minimum of ten Theyyams that will excite you. It might be either at a single festival or at different Theyyam festivals. Our Theyyam Photography Tour offers truly personalized service and options for completely customizable itineraries for your Theyyam Photo Tour. We will arrange airport pick & drop, daily transportation, accommodation, food, and experienced storyteller assistance throughout the Theyyam tour. Tyndis Theyyam Photography tour is so much curated to the level that we don’t want you to fall asleep in the early mornings. Tyndis storyteller will provide you with hot black coffee and light refreshments during your tiring hours of photographing Theyyam – just to make sure that you click your best frames!

So, don’t wait anymore! CLICK HERE to send us an enquiry for your Kerala Theyyam Photography Tour and witness Theyyam – “the dance of Gods” in God’s Own Country!


Add-ons for a photographer in Kannur Photography Tour

In addition to Theyyam, add colour to your photo gallery with the perfect blend of culture, heritage and local essence of Malabar. You can choose for Tyndis Kannur Photography tour which offers a customizable itinerary filled with history, heritage and good food! Travel with us to explore the undiscovered and untold stories about Malabar. Experience the beauty of the markets, culture, historical monuments, street food and the landscapes of all-knowing Arabian Sea! Capture the moments in your camera forever!

  • Hotel Accommodation – 4 Days/ 3 Nights
  • 1 Night Stay in Kasaragod (Nileshwar/ Bekal)
  • 2 Nights Stay in Kannur
  • Daily Breakfast & Dinner in MAP Plan
  • A/C Car with all State Tax for scheduled transfers
  • Expert and English Speaking Cab Drivers
  • English Speaking Storyteller
  • Airport Pick and Drop
  • Daily night Hot Coffee/ Tea with Refreshments
  • All Entrance fees
  • Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour and Experiences
  • GST applicable as per Indian Government Rules.
  • Bus/ Flight/ Train Tickets
  • Lunch or additional Food (other than Breakfast/ Dinner)
  • Shopping Expenses/ Tipping
  • Other Personal Expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any additional expenses incurred due to any flight delay or cancellation, weather conditions, political closures, technical faults etc.
  • Wear decent and normal clothes to the temple premises.
  • Stick to the instructions from the storyteller and temple authorities.
  • Be careful not to carry any other valuable things except camera/ photography equipment to the festival.
  • Temple authorities make sure that the place is safe. But, photographers are requested to take care of their equipment.
  • Carry Cotton outfits; hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc. and footwear that are appropriate to both the climate and the activities you have planned.
  • Major Hotels, Restaurants, etc. honor Debit/ Credit Cards. Don’t carry too much cash. Banks open from 10 AM to 15:30 PM IST on weekdays.
  • Kerala Food is medium spicy and it may take some time for your taste buds to get adjusted.
  • Check with your resort/ chef/ waiter about the spices and other ingredients in the food you want to order.
  • If you want to drive a vehicle in Kerala and you are a foreign citizen, carry your international driving license.
  • Kerala is well known for law and order and is generally a peaceful state. However, don’t travel to remote areas in night hours.
  • It is better to stay the night in a better hotel or resort and continue the journey in the early morning than travelling at night.
  • Always stick to the guidelines of the Storyteller/ Tyndis Tour Co-ordinator.
  • The General Terms and conditions of Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour Package are listed below:

  • Stays listed in this Theyyam Photography Tour Package/ offered in the quotation to you is subjected to availability after the realization of your initial payment
  • The Accommodations will be confirmed only after getting the initial payment from guest.
  • If offered hotels are not available at that time, Tyndis Heritage will book and give almost similar category hotels with prior consent from the guest.
  • Hotels once booked can be changed only as per the cancellation policy of hotels. All such cancellation charges will be charged to the guest directly.
  • Normally, Cabs/ Tour Vehicles is operational from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. We never recommend night driving as per the safety concerns.
  • On emergency situations, we provide early/ late driving. This shall be decided by the Tyndis Tour Co-ordinator.
  • Cancellation of all packages with the panel hotels (listed in our websites) is subjected to the cancellation policy of Tyndis Tours.
  • All the tours of Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour Package will fulfil the following service values based on our policies:

  • Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tours are designed with the values of Responsible Tourism. All our tours are customizable as per guest request.
  • Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour guarantees a minimum of ten Theyyams for the photographer to capture.
  • We will ensure the best output for the photographer with necessary arrangements as per requirement at the time of booking.
  • Our storytellers/ assistants will ensure that our guest photographers stay awake during late night/ early morning Theyyam shoot.
  • Tyndis Storyteller will provide hot coffee/ tea and refreshments to keep you energetic and active!
  • Expert English-Speaking Storyteller Service. Our Storytellers are Local Community Leaders & Ambassadors of Local Tourism in each destination.
  • Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Model - involving the participation of local people as storyteller, activity service providers, vendors, etc.
  • Tyndis Tours are eco-friendly. We restrict the use of Single-use Plastics throughout our tours. Guests are requested to avoid using Single-use Plastics as well.
  • Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tours aims also to create a Social & Cultural Immersion. Interact with local people to learn about their culture and tradition.
  • All tours by Tyndis promote Lady Travel. We have crafted all the tours with maximum safety and women-friendly aspects.
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