Tyndis Kerala Theyyam Tour

Tyndis Kerala Theyyam Tour portrays the magic of Theyyam dance. It is the divine ritual of North Kerala. Theyyam dance is performed in the sacred temples. Theyyam has roots mainly in North Malabar. North Malabar or Kolathunadu included parts of Kannur and Kasaragod. As a result, almost all regions of North Malabar have Theyyam. Above all, people of North Malabar consider Theyyams as their protector. There are 450+ different types of Theyyam in Malabar. Chamundi Theyyam, Pottan Theyyam, Gulikan Theyyam, Muthappan, Muchilottu Bhagavathy, etc are a few. Some of the Theyyams are elegant and ritually important. Theyyam in Malayalam are also mainly divided into forms of Shakti or power. Book this Exclusive Kerala Theyyam Tour.

Explore Malabar: the land of Theyyams. The Temple Shrines of North Kerala celebrate Theyyam Festival from Thulam (Late October) till Edavam (June). With this Theyyam Tour, tourists can earn about major stories of Theyyam and Theyyam Festivals in Malabar. Theyyam in Malabar is performed as per the Malayalam Calendar. This traditional ritual is practised and categorized according to the regulations of bygone princely states.

Each region has its own local differences in Theyyam rituals. Some major difference can be noted in the Face Painting or Theyyam Mukhathezhuthu. Kerala Theyyam is the assumed form of god by humane. Theyyam is performed by communities like Vannan, Malayan, Mavilan, Velan, Munnoottan, Anjunnoottan, Pulayar, Kopalar and others.

In Malabar, during Theyyam season, performance goes day in and day out! Tourists can experience the best Theyyams through Tyndis Kerala Theyyam Tour. Guests can also learn about the art of Theyyam paintings on request. Artists of North Kerala are experts in Theyyam Paintings, Sculpturing and Face Painting.

Tyndis Kerala Theyyam Tour is a journey to know all about Theyyam. See the performance, rituals, stories, folklore, and more!

Tyndis Theyyam Quick Tour – BOOK NOW!

Tyndis Theyyam Quick Tour takes you through the visual extravaganza and magical setting of Theyyam festivals. Explore Theyyam in the quickest way possible with our authentic storytellers! So, why to wait anymore! CLICK HERE to send us an enquiry for your Tyndis Theyyam Quick Tour and witness Theyyam – “the dance of Gods” in God’s Own Country!

  • 2 hours Kerala Theyyam Tour with assistance
  • Storyteller Service
  • Insight on Theyyam in North Kerala
  • Any additional tour or sightseeing
  • Tipping and Shopping Expenses
  • Accommodation and Transportation
  • Wear decent and normal clothes to the temple premises.
  • Stick to the instructions from the storyteller and temple authorities.
  • Kindly obey the rules and regulations of the Theyyam Festivals.
  • Photographing Theyyams at some festivals require prior permission.
  • Temple authorities make sure that the place is safe. However, guests are requested to take care of their belongings.
  • Carry Cotton outfits; hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc. and footwear that are appropriate to both the climate and the activities you have planned.
  • Major Hotels, Restaurants, etc. honor Debit/ Credit Cards. Don’t carry too much cash. Banks open from 10 AM to 15:30 PM IST on weekdays.
  • Kerala Food is medium spicy and it may take some time for your taste buds to get adjusted.
  • Check with your resort/ chef/ waiter about the spices and other ingredients in the food you want to order.
  • If you want to drive a vehicle in Kerala and you are a foreign citizen, carry your international driving license.
  • Kerala is well known for law and order and is generally a peaceful state. However, don’t travel to remote areas in night hours.
  • It is better to stay the night in a better hotel or resort and continue the journey in the early morning than travelling at night.
  • Always stick to the guidelines of the Storyteller/ Tyndis Tour Co-ordinator.
  • The General Terms and conditions of Tyndis Theyyam Tour Package are listed below:

  • Service listed in this Theyyam Tour Package/ offered in the quotation to you is subjected to availability after the realization of your initial payment
  • Theyyam festival and place will be confirmed only after getting the travel details from guest.
  • Accommodation and Transportation is not included in Theyyam Quick Tour.
  • However, Tyndis will arrange Transportation and Accommodation with extra standard charges on request.
  • Cancellation of all this tour is subjected to the cancellation policy of Tyndis Tours.
  • All Tyndis Theyyam Tour Package will fulfil the following service values based on our policies:

  • Tyndis Theyyam Tours are designed with the values of Responsible Tourism. All our tours are customizable as per guest request.
  • Tyndis Theyyam Tour guarantees a minimum of 2 hours of Theyyams experience.
  • We will ensure the best experience for our guests as per requirement at the time of booking.
  • Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tours aims also to create a Social & Cultural Immersion. Interact with local people to learn about their culture and tradition.
  • Expert English-Speaking Storyteller Service. Our Storytellers are Local Community Leaders & Ambassadors of Local Tourism in each destination.
  • Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Model - involving the participation of local people as storyteller, activity service providers, vendors, etc.
  • Tyndis Tours are eco-friendly. We restrict the use of Single-use Plastics throughout our tours. Guests are requested to avoid using Single-use Plastics as well.
  • All tours by Tyndis promote Lady Travel. We have crafted all the tours with maximum safety and women-friendly aspects.
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