Conservation-based Mangrove Tourism

August 26, 2019

Kerala is world-renowned for the Mangrove Forest and Mangrove Conservation Campaigns. In Kerala, there is a huge scope for Tourism in coastal environments. The inflow to these tourist spots has grown significantly and many types of ecosystems now under threat of uncontrolled and anti-environmental tourism development.   At this point, Tyndis deeply analysed the role of Mangrove Ecosystems in our environment. We understood that the conservation and preservation of Mangroves Forest can be efficiently exercised with an aspect of eco-friendly tourism. Mangroves could be used as nature-based tourism destinations.   The tourism in Mangrove Areas in North Kerala under Tyndis clearly contributes to Mangrove Conservation in which we make it important to deliver the objectives of sustainable and eco-tourism. In order to have the sustainable use of Mangrove biodiversity as a key tourist attraction, it is essential to know the basic characteristics of Mangroves and establish mangrove tourism programs which are able to support a conservation program. To make this effort successful, Tyndis implemented the Community Based Sustainable Tourism Model. Save Mangrove Campaign and Mangrove Forest Conservation programme ensures the participation of local communities surrounding mangrove forest areas. The involvement of local wisdom could increase the sustainability of Mangrove Ecosystems.   Tyndis actively puts efforts in implementing an eco-friendly tourism culture in North Kerala. Tyndis have also associated with various local NGOs in promoting the conservation of Mangrove Forests, Sacred Groves, Ocean Life, etc. in Malabar.

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