Ocean Life Conservation

June 25, 2019

Tyndis Ocean Life Conservation Initiatives in Kerala. Our coastal environment is one of the most valuable resources of the state through providing fish, coastal protection and support for a tourist industry. However, the increase in incorrect tourism practices tends to strain the environment. This, in turn, results in damages to nature through overexploitation of the resources. At this point, the vital role of the Sustainable and Eco-friendly tourism practices adopted by Tyndis comes into play.   This is an inspiring story from a village in North Kerala. In times of rapid ocean pollution and threats to ocean wildlife, it is important to protect our Oceans and Ocean Life! At this point, Tyndis Responsible Tourism in Kerala felt it important to associate with local-level organizations that can contribute to preserving the best of local biodiversity. Tyndis Marine Life Conservations programs focus to help Marine Life in Kerala. Marine Life support initiatives in Kerala have been promoted by the Responsible Tourism Mission as well.   One such success story is the association of Tyndis with Neythal – a local NGO in Nileshwar, in Kasaragod district of Kerala. This NGO has put immense efforts in preserving the biodiversity of the beautiful islands of Nileshwar and surroundings. The members of Neythal have taken efforts in fighting against the illegal sand mining from rivers, conservation of local varieties of Mangroves, reducing the threats to ocean wildlife like Olive Ridley Turtles, Ocean Life Conservation efforts and educating the local villagers about the importance to conserve the resources of our planet for a sustainable future.   The idea of Neythal is very much resonating with Tyndis. Tyndis actively puts efforts in implementing an eco-friendly tourism culture in North Kerala. In these efforts, Tyndis has implemented a Community Based Sustainable Tourism.

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