Honours for the Theyyam Community

August 26, 2019

Theyyam Dance is one of the most iconic art forms of Kerala. This art form has its roots strong in the soil of Malabar. It is to the thousands of Theyyam Artists whom we should show gratitude for preserving the culture and traditions of this unique ritualistic art. Theyyam is one particular form of art in Kerala that has a divine aspect. The Theyyam Artists have put immense effort in sticking to the traditional practices even amidst acute financial crisis and social challenges they face in the modern world.   Tyndis, having its roots in the Malabar, have immense respect for Theyyam and the people associated with this art. It is a pride to showcase the huge culture of Malabar – involving the Theyyam Festivals and Rituals in its authentic way to the world. The tours include visit various Theyyam Festivals and experience different types of Theyyams. Tyndis give storyteller assisted Theyyam Experiences for travellers all around the world.   Theyyams Dance have often portrays the stories of early social reforms and the secular idea of North Kerala. The vibrant colours and amazing thoughts imparted through the ballads of Theyyam will fascinate anybody in the world. In this effort, of portraying the stories and authenticity of Theyyam, Tyndis have handpicked experienced and skilled personnel from communities that perform Theyyam. This proved to be a successful effort to both preserve and portray the rituals and traditions of Theyyam Dance in the best possible way. A lot of research students and historians also visit the artists through Tyndis. The ideas and practices of Theyyam Dance thus get recorded for the future through the scholars of our time.   The experienced storytellers from the Theyyam community have a benefit of earning as a Tyndis Community Leader – An effective way to converse ideas to people across the world. This also helps the community as an alternative source of income to fight their financial instabilities.   Theyyam is the treasure of Malabar. A lot has to be done to preserve this priceless ritualistic art. Many efforts have been put forward for this by various individuals and organizations from various parts of the world. The above-mentioned is a humble effort from Tyndis!

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