An ode to Tyndis

Story of the Tyndis Port mentioned in the Sangam literature. A forgotten step of a much-travelled flight of stairs. First, a name, then some folklore that pointed out a bygone port that flourished somewhere between Koyilandi (Quilandy) and Ponnani. Tyndis Port thrived during the golden age of the historic Spice Route. The succeeding generation is very much bothered about their roots. Their quest for the Tyndis Port lead to some fascinating references by PTOLEMY & the book of “THE PERIPLUS OF ERYTHREAN SEA”. Tyndis Port also has some vague reference as 'Tondi' in Sangam period literature. It refers “TYNDIS”, the legendary port which is long forgotten. Tyndis port is regarded as the ancestor of the present-day Ponnani port by majority of the historians. It is market to exist towards north of Muziris Port. In ancient times, Tyndis held close connections with Chera kingdom. The historic archives documented the Chera Kingdom as the powerful Tamil Kingdom whose turf extends the entire present-day state of Kerala, Kanyakumari and expanding up to Kongu Nadu.


About Malabar

Mesmerizing, just this simple word of “attraction” won’t do any justice to the Garden of Eden that is Malabar. Encapsulated with the wonders of spices, art, philosophy, architecture, classical dances, flora, fauna, and music. A gala of unreal experiences, considered to be a “Must Travel” place before you die. Merchants and traders from around the globe set sail with the aid of strong oceanic winds which led them across the sea from faraway lands to the ports along the Arabian Sea creating the historic Spice Route. The Malabar Region, lying between the magnificent Western Ghats and the vast Arabian Sea, refers to the historic and geographic area of Southwest India covering the present day Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Malappuram and Palakkad Districts. The long coastal belt creates a mirage of cincture in disguise. The captivating beauty of the beaches brings both beauty and endless riches to the land. The North Kerala Rivers and Backwaters form an alliance with the mainland and west coast forming one sophisticated system. The perfect array of religions, customs, languages, and traditions over the flow of time reflects in the prosperous heritage of Malabar. Upon reaching the port, they further travelled to the inlands using smaller boats and then by carts to the hill stations of Wayanad or Coorg, and then onwards in search of spices and precious herbs. Malabar is the epitome of a Traveller’s Promise land. North Kerala showcases abundant sights to witness and experience for the tourists. Exuberant lush green valleys of the Ghats, The glimmering silvery beaches, the array of majestic mountains, beautiful rivers that has more clarity than a Smartphone.