Tyndis Wayanad Experiential Tour

Exclusive Wayanad Village Tour

Rs. 3500 for 2 Pax

Looking for top things to do in Wayanad? This Tyndis Wayanad Experiential Tour is the best option for you in Wayanad. An ideal tour to experience the raw life of Wayanad. Travel through the roads not taken. Visit the villages of Wayanad. Interact with people to learn about their culture and stories. Tyndis Storyteller will share the interesting tales about the village!

TTyndis Wayanad Experiential Tour focuses on discovering the essence of life in rural areas. Wayanad has a charm of its own. This charm is well tapped and showcased in this tour. Tyndis Wayanad Experiential Tour covers the top things to do in the Wayanad villages. Visit the farmlands. Explore the village and walk through the country roads. Meet new people and exchange a warm smile!

Wayanad is a culture that remains way different from the stories elsewhere in Kerala. The people and their innocence are to be experienced in Wayanad village tour. The fading stories of the Tribal folks are fascinating.Tyndis storyteller carefully speaks out the tales regarding each of this. Tourists can keep their eyes and ears open for surprises during the walk through the village.

Exploring the stories, the Tyndis Wayanad Experiential Tour moves to the rural muddy roads and even narrower pathways. The journey ends at some local household. At this house, interact with the native people. Learn about their livelihood. Above all, explore the tradition and culture of these people.

Experience the best of Wayanad tourism packages. Book this Tyndis Wayanad Experiential Tour now!

Detail Description

Tyndis waking tour in Wayanad village is an ideal way of Cultural Exchange. Tourists can become friends with the local people through this tour. Are you willing to interact with the folks in a local village? Book this Tyndis Tour and explore the culture of a unique village in Wayanad. Peep into the untold stories of Wayanad Tourism. Learn about the food, culture, festivals and customs of the Tribal folks. Have first-hand interactions the present generation of the Wayanad Tribes.

Tyndis expert storyteller shall share the stories of life in the Villages of Wayanad. Also, hands-on experience of the fascinating activities and craft-making. Interact with the local people of the village. This Wayanad village tour, above all, provides the wholesome picture of a typical village of Wayanad.


  • 4 hours Tyndis Wayanad Experiential Tour
  • Wayanad Village tour
  • Expert Storyteller Service
  • Drinking Water
  • Entrance Fees

  • Additional Sightseeing Tour
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food and Beverages
  • Tipping and Shopping
  • Any other expense

  • Respect Nature - Be Tyndis Environment Ambassador
  • Avoid Plastic - Follow the 3-R Mantra for a better world
  • No Loud Talking - Respect your co-travellers privacy
  • Explore the Culture - Just roam around the paths with your Storyteller
  • Smile and get a warm smile back from the people
  • Respect the traditions and customs of the place
  • Take Photos of people with prior permission


Which is the best time to visit Wayanad?

Wayanad is hill station in North Kerala. It is best to visit here during the period of late September to late May.

Does Wayanad have good resorts and hotels? How to arrange travel services in Wayanad?

Yes. Wayanad is well-equipped with wide range of hotels. The place has luxury five-star accommodations and budget hotels as well. The hotels often offer best Wayanad tourism packages. Wayanad tour operators arrange for Taxi Rental or Ariport pick and drop services.